General principles and operating mode of Good As You(th)

General principles and operating mode of Good As You(th)

Good As You(th) is a group that consists mostly of young gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans* people. It operates in Thessaloniki and aims at eliminating the discrimination that is based on gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.

Group mode of operations/ Decision-making

Decision-making method

The general assembly of the group is the primary decision-making body. The meetings are held every Sunday at 19:00 at the Steki Foititon Nomikis (Law Students Club), located at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki campus, except for specific occasions (celebrations, holidays, major events, etc). At every assembly there is a specific coordinator, who is required to post the matters for discussion in the group’s online forum. In order for the assembly to be carried out and make any decision, there have to be 10 or more people present. In cases that immediate decisions are required (and there is no meeting due), the decisions are made after online discussions in the group forum.

The members of the group

All the members of the group have equal rights and obligations. The group does not have a representative, only members equal with each other.

Every member that is absent from 10 or more consecutive assemblies without having informed the group, shall be deleted from the private section of the forum (after consultation with the person).

New members: The new members of the group have the right to vote and to enter to the private section of the forum after their second attendance at an assembly.

Income: Any possible income for the group comes from its own activities (parties, collective kitchen etc.) The group does not accept sponsorships. It accepts only donations, which are discussed on an individual-case basis.

General principles of the group

Good As You(th) is a group that deals with issues regarding gender and sexual diversities, condemning all forms of discrimination, maltreatment, hate speech based on gender, sexuality, gender identity and gender expression.

Fascism / Racism: The group opposes any kind of discrimination against people which are being targeted because of their national, ethnic or cultural background, their religious beliefs, their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. It belongs to the antifascist / antiracist movement, is in solidarity with other antifascist / antiracist groups, and participates in relevant actions, protests, initiatives etc.

Patriarchy: The group opposes the patriarchal system, which situates men in a position of power and oppresses women systemically and essentially.

Feminism: We support and believe in the feminist movement that focuses on reducing and eliminating racial inequality, and on promoting the rights, interests and issues of women. We consider feminism necessary, because it gives voice to women in order to make their own decisions on matters which concern them directly, to have equal opportunities and not to be subjected to arbitrary conclusions drawn only on the basis of their sex/gender.

Sexism: The group opposes sexism which includes all the prejudices and attitudes stemming from a violent binary ideology. Such an ideology has its base on the separation of sexes into male and female and considers one of the sexes biologically, morally, intellectually and spiritually inferior to the other. This allows for but also institutionalizes systematic discrimination, negative or phobic panic, physical limitations or even manifestations of hatred. We are also against the beliefs that lead to arbitrary discrimination against women in the context of a patriarchal society based on gender stereotypes. This discrimination is realized in various forms around the world, without excluding cases where discrimination works against men.

Heteronormativity: The group condemns the value system that accepts heterosexuality as the “normal” sexuality, “socially acceptable” masculinity and femininity as the “normal” gender expression, and the gender identity consistent with the biological sex as the “normal” gender identity.

Capitalism: The group condemns the capitalist system and its practices that have as their main purpose the gain of profit and the exploitation / oppression of the lower social strata.

Commercialization: The group has anti-commercialist nature and therefore, does not accept sponsorships, but only donations, which are discussed individually.

Labor Movement:  As potential workers, the members of the group are in favor of the labor movement and the rights of workers. The group condemns any kind of discrimination in the labor sector.

Institutional basis: The group operates in a non-institutional basis.

The goals of the group

– Elimination of discrimination based on sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.

– Solidarity and cooperation with antifascist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, feminist etc. organizations.

– Elimination of discrimination against women as it is expressed at the workplace, at home, in religion, in education, in language, in science, in  the public sphere, in sexual and human rights.

– Deconstruction of gender and of standards / limits of masculinity and femininity.

– Elimination of all forms of discrimination, hate speech, verbal or physical violence based on national, ethnic, or cultural background of the individual, or on their religious beliefs, their disability, their sexual orientation and their gender identity or gender expression.

– Liberation of people from the social, political and economic oppression they face through all types of patriarchal structures.

– Breaking down prejudices and gender stereotypes.

– Equal labor rights for all.

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